What do you do when a stranger comes into you church and asks for help, even offering to sell some clothes for much needed money? There are many answers to this question and most of them seem to involve pronouncing judgement.

Do you immediately reject that person as unworthy of your help? We are supposed to use discernment and wisdom in our lives; however, summarily rejecting others is not.

Do you question and probe to see if he or she is worthy of your help? It is not our function to know whether someone is worthy of our love and help on our own. Only through prayer and with the help of the Holy Spirit can we tell the truth about the stranger in need.

Do you trust that the Lord has put you there to help and offer to help even though you might be helping someone who is just trying to take advantage of you? Help others after prayer. Do not harden your heart, do not become indifferent even when someone takes advantage of you.

The Lord knows your heart and knows what the result of your actions will be. Perhaps your kindness will turn an unrepentant heart or save a soul from certain death. Just show mercy and kindness and let God use this act for His glory.