Yesterday was a blessed day for us. We had traveled safely to this campground in Clovis, NM after church on Sunday and set up for our day of rest. In conversation with Rob and Donna, the owners of the Traveler’s World Campground, we asked where to find a grocery store because Linda had to have bananas for her leg twitches.

Then yesterday, before I could unhook from the trailer, Donna brought us four bananas for Linda so that I wouldn’t have to unhook and go to the store. Her husband had gone to the grocery store and while there remembered Linda and bought bananas for her. In the past we would have been astounded at this act of kindness. No more. The Lord has been present with us so often now that we have come to see His touch everywhere and in everything. Just this morning He glorified the sky with gorgeous shades of pink and blue as Little Man and I walked the park.

We are certainly blessed every day and these blessings cry out to be passed on to others. There is no quicker way to receive blessings than to bless others as you have been blessed and there is no quicker way to stop the flow of blessings than to hold tight to your blessings and not pass them on.