Yesterday morning as we broke camp preparing to move on to our next site the people next door came to inquire about the sign on our truck. As we spoke of NOMADS and the way that the Lord is leading us, we found kindred spirits, two people who also serve. They serve in times of disaster with a Baptist men’s group who have a feeding ministry. They were from Oklahoma breaking in a new camper and heading home.

They passed us twice during the day and we even saw each other at a TA gas station. Reminders of God’s grace and mercy are all around us, even in the chance encounters of our lives. When you believe in God, know in your heart that Jesus is His Son who died for us, you will serve Him and see evidence of His grace and mercy everywhere.

When salvation came and sanctification started, I had no idea. When I first saw the grace that saved me, I was awed, humbled, grateful and clueless. Clueless about the journey that I was about embark upon, the direction my life would move in and how much joy was waiting for me. For Linda and I, each day is a miracle, each person we meet is precious and the journey, although sometimes physically painful, is full peace and joy and love.