We woke this morning to drizzle, mist and fog. What a change from the past several months when every day was bright and sunny. We had missed this type of weather and will enjoy breaking camp in the cool and damp today. Guess we are not Arizona and New Mexico desert people.

Everyone has a preferred place to live, a place where the climate and people make them happy. They need to live where the weather suits their nature and their lives fit in with the local people. Traveling across this great nation is one way to find your perfect place to live and sometimes that place is where you started. Linda and I will continue to travel to see the country and volunteer along the way but so far our hearts are still in the Southeast. Family, friends and climate will keep us returning.

Just as our earthly home is the Southeast our spiritual home is with the Lord. As we live and travel in the world, we realize that we are just passing through. Someday we can head towards home, our work here done. On that glorious day, we will be united with the saints in heaven, our job done, our mission complete. The joy of returning to the Southeast will pale in comparison.