Such a quiet and peaceful place. We are at Lake Tawakoni in Texas for the next 15 days, resting and seeing some of the local sights. Sitting here overlooking the lake, we often wonder at how we became so blessed. Through all the trials that life gave us, through all the sins that we committed, through all the times that we failed our Lord, He never once wavered. He has never failed us.

When we were at our lowest, when all seemed to be lost, He was there. As we walked away from Him, as we seemed to embrace the world, He was there. The grace and mercy of the living God is beyond comprehension. His love is endless, His compassion complete. When we finally and completely surrendered to His will our lives changed. Well, the reality is that our lives did not change radically or overnight. Rather, our hearts changed and this change led to a gradual awakening of our minds to our new reality.

This new reality is that we are children of God, brothers and sisters of Jesus. As such we have a responsibility and a duty to serve His children and to shine His light for the whole world to see. So, fellow Christians, get busy.