As we continue our rest time, we are meeting people. The process is slow because we do not actively seek others out, rather we let the encounters come to us. This way we are not forcing our presence onto others. Allowing the Lord to shape our path gives us the freedom to watch with His eyes and lets Him lead our conversations.

Yesterday, while looking for the laundry here at the campground, we saw a raft of ducks mixed with some geese swirling and landing on the lake. A man and his wife came to see them with us and a conversation started. During this time, each couple shared their faith and we talked to them about NOMADS. There was a genuine interest as they are newly retired fulltime campers just like us.

We have found that being led by the Spirit does not mean that we shout our faith from the rooftops. We are led to be quiet witnesses who speak quietly in small settings and show our faith by our actions. There is a place for large groups and bold actions in the body of Christ, but not for us. Our witness is in the small things, the kind word or gesture, the smile, the sharing of God’s love in bad times and good times.