Today is the first day of living without the 2016 election surrounding us with loud vitriolic speeches and hatred from both sides of the political spectrum. Today can be the day that our nation needs to begin the difficult process of healing the open wounds that we inflicted on each other.

And yet I fear that today the language of the past year will continue because we are still not willing, as a nation and as individuals, to surrender to God. We are still trying find our own solutions to problems that only the Lord can solve, we are still trying to change hearts that only the Lord can change.

Rather than rising to our feet and shouting our opinions and screaming for our solutions we need to be dropping to our knees, asking for the Lord’s forgiveness for trying to usurp His authority. We need to pray for His healing for our hearts and our nation. We need to pray for His hand to be on the leaders of this nation guiding their thoughts and giving them the wisdom to rule with kindness and compassion. We need to pray that all Americans can unite in the common cause of helping the needy, overcoming poverty, sheltering the homeless and showing the world how peaceful change can happen.