Looking out over a blue lake through the door of our camper, listening to ‘Amazing Grace’ and thinking about today. No wonder we feel so blessed. Our view of the world today is the same as it was on Monday. Our faith is the same as it was on Monday and our lives have not changed because of Tuesday.

Our trust is not in any man or political party; our loyalty is not to any government or even any church. Jesus Christ has our hearts, our loyalty and our trust. This world can do nothing to sway us. Our lives are rooted in the Lord and no storms from this world can change that. Even if we lose everything we will still be children of the one true God.

Disappointment, physical pain, emotional distress, devastating loss all can be healed or withstood in the arms of our loving God. His will is being done here on earth as it is in heaven. Sometimes we do not understand, often we do not agree and much of the time we argue, but we must always submit. What we are seeing now is the natural reaction of those who disagree. Life will go on and time will heal even this divide. Be patient with each other and give the ‘new normal’ a chance.