Last night my sleep was troubled by images from the past and today I see images on the news and Facebook rants from the present that will undoubtedly trouble my sleep now and in the future. As a nation that is governed by people elected to office in an orderly transition of power, we are currently validating every opinion that says our form of government has to fail.

The very people who said that there would be trouble from the other side if their candidate won are now acting with the same lack of reason, the bigotry, the same intolerance that they accused the winners of displaying. We are certainly not displaying democracy at its finest here. There is no great moral cause being championed here, only an egregious and unwarranted anger over the results of the election. Since when do we agree to stand by the voice of the electorate only if the result favors our viewpoint.

Civil disobedience is warranted when the government has acted against the best interest of the people. This government has not been given the opportunity to act at all. Stop making assumptions. We are not a people who believe people are guilty until proven innocent. Just the opposite is true. So assume the best, prepare for the worst and pray for this nation every day.