We are nine months and nine thousand miles into this journey with Jesus. There have been unseen opportunities to share our faith and there have been surprising things happen that have strengthened our faith. We have reached the point where we are no longer upset by plan changes, where a closed door does not mean lost opportunity. A closed door simply means for us to be patient and wait for a new door to open.

A change in plans is not a problem. Rather it is a chance to follow the Lord in an unexpected way, to let go of us and hold on to Him. We will be uncomfortable, from Linda finding herself in the kitchen to me finding myself 40 feet in the air operating a cherry picker. Each new place we find ourselves in, each situation that we would not have chosen brings us closer to God, closer to being the person He wants us to be.

We are sharing our joys and our problems on this journey so that others can know what to expect as they turn their lives over to the Lord. Of course, each experience will be unique, no two will be led in the same way but each will be drawn closer to God, each will be taught to glorify the Lord in their thoughts and actions.

So, start praying today for guidance. Begin your journey and encourage others to step out in faith and follow where the Lord is leading them.