November the 12th started with a bang. We were awakened by a volley of shotgun fire. As a stranger in Texas this was alarming to say the least. Evidently that day was the start of duck hunting season here and we had seen lots of ducks on the lake, not so many now.

Even in this quiet and calm setting we are restless, waiting to move on, anxious for the next manifestation of God to appear. We travel slowly, pacing our days to accommodate our health and saving our energy for the projects we have signed on to do with NOMADS in February, March and April. Our journey is not over, our story not fully told. As we travel helping others and sharing Jesus we try to plan but we only see a little way into the future, and that dimly. Our trust is not in ourselves, not in our church and not in NOMADS but in the Lord and His love and mercy.

In a little over two weeks Linda and I will be back in Dothan Alabama at Cherry Blossom RV Park for the month of December. This will be a time for the renewal of friendships, reconnection with Harvest, our home church, and the reevaluation of our health and stamina. What a pleasure it will be to attend church there, renew our spirits and see all our friends.