In the world in which we live the voice of the Lord is most often heard in the quiet times, the times of prayer and meditation. So, we spend a lot of time in devotions, prayer and worship listening for the small still voice that the Lord uses the most. And we watch as He upends our plans, turning possibilities into impossibilities then wait to see what He wants us to do, where we are to go for His glory next.

But, we are in Texas, where everything is bigger and louder. Early this morning, or was it late last night, a front blew through our campground, Texas style. There was rain and loud thunder and bright lightning. As we had not seen much rain for months out west, this was truly a magnificent display. No wonder mother nature was perceived a god. Then came the wind, and us sitting under oak trees.

We sit calmly, Linda in her spot and I in mine, sipping our coffee and praising the Lord for His provisions in our lives, knowing that He carries us in the palm of His hand. No matter the storm, the Lord will guide us through it. He may not remove us from the storm, but He will be with us to soothe our spirits and calm our fears.