Well, we woke to much colder weather this morning and it looks like colder weather may be here for a while. We were planning to leave for Shreveport on Monday anyway as we make our way back to Dothan. This stop has been two weeks of rest and quiet. Linda on the internet and reading for me.

Obviously, some of the neighbors with dogs have returned to their camp. How do we know, you ask? Must be the incessant barking. Life is full of things that can irritate, that can spoil your mood… if you let them. When the little irritants come into your life it is very important that you turn them over to the Lord.

Sure, when we are faced with the big decisions, the big problems and catastrophic events we pray and ask the Lord for His will and even His intervention. The Lord looks for us to talk to Him in the calm times about the smallest of things and seek His will in all things. As we move forward in our faith we begin to understand that the Lord asks us to surrender to His will completely, let His Spirit be in us all the time so that even in the smallest of things His light shines.