As we get ready to move on we are taken by the thought that this is now our life. Until we can no longer travel we will be living with new neighbors very frequently. This makes it extremely important that we always reflect the love of our Savior. There will be no second chance to show God’s love or tell His message.

Every person that we have had as neighbors since starting on this adventure of ours has been a stranger, a stranger who became more. If not a friend, they have become more than just a face in the crowd. There is a sense of community in camping and all who come are automatically included. This inclusiveness gives us the chance to demonstrate our love of the Lord. We can speak of our camping experiences and those times when God was present in the acts of kindness shown to us.

We can speak of our love of Jesus and our home church and we can tell why we move from site to site volunteering for NOMADS. By our actions and attitudes, we try to bring the miracle of Jesus to life and with our words we try to share the our sense of awe and wonder that we can be a small part of God’s plan.