We all will occasionally long for ‘the good old days’, the simpler times when we were less aware of the world and more attuned to family, friends and neighbors. We accuse modern technology for our distractions, the ease with which we are seduced by the world. We blame cell phones, the internet or television for our lack of moral fiber.

And yet, we marvel at the advances in medicine, the ease of travel and the instantaneousness of communication. We enjoy the food grown and kept fresh to our table from all over the world and our retirement years are spent in luxury compared to the rest of the world.

Could it be that our troubled spirits do not come from the times in which we live? Is it possible that our dissatisfaction comes from within us and not from the world?

There is a strong possibility that we are unhappy because we have left God out of our lives. We have lost, or never found, the only solution for our unhappiness. When the world seems to be too big, or too small, and the events in your life seem to be guided by people and events that cause great hurt, turn to the Lord for mercy and peace. Seek the only real solution, Jesus.