Yesterday we drove to Askews Landing Campground in fairly light traffic on I20 in Louisiana and Mississippi. This campground is far enough from most roads to be a quiet, peaceful place. Our cat (Little Man) has already taken several long walks and loves it here.

Situated in the woods and fronting two ponds, this property captured our hearts when we saw the ten commandments posted prominently in the drive. God is definitely directing our path. How do I know this? This and every campground that we have stayed at has been selected sight unseen on the internet.

When we surrender to His will, the Lord places us where we need to be.

Last night we dropped into bed at around 7. Tired from missing our day of rest, we slept the night away and woke refreshed and thankful to the Lord for His provisions. Today will be parade (already on), Thanksgiving dinner (spiral-cut ham and trimmings), football and reflections on the awesomeness of God.

We are thankful for Jesus and His sacrifice for us, family, good friends, health, safe travels and volunteer opportunities.