We woke up at 6 this morning after a wonderfully restful night. I started the coffee so I could take a cup on my walk with Little Man as he complained about how slow I was. We went outside and walked along the edge of the pond accompanied by the geese and ducks that reside here. They appear to be unaffected by the cat and he, in his regalness, chose to ignore the birds.

What a great way to start today, coffee, a walk with the cat and the Lord and peace, quiet and meditation. The ability to totally ignore black Friday, be content with what we have and rest before today’s one-hundred-and-fifty-mile trek to our last stop before Dothan. We travel slowly, with frequent stops and see much of local life and traditions.

This is the path that we were destined to walk at this time in our lives. The diversity in this nation and the tolerance of its citizens is the stuff that legends are made of. While there are still those who foment trouble there are those who seek peace. It is unfortunate that the trouble makers appear to be more to the liking of the news and social media.

It is the responsibility of all Christians to speak mercy, love and tolerance to the world.