Coffee in hand I took a nice walk with Little Man this morning as the sun rose over the lake and presented a tranquil scene. My prayers rose from the water’s edge while Linda rested in the camper, coffee in hand, praying as well. There is no television here so we will not be distracted until we get to Dothan on the 1st. This has been a fairly frequent occurrence and yet we still survive without it to the point of not thinking that we need satellite TV… except for football. My younger brother, Dennis, will be pleased that we are enjoying the books he gave us when we visited him. These treasures are being distributed to campgrounds as we finish them.

As we travel and volunteer the presence of God becomes clearer and clearer to Linda and me. We find Him In each sunrise and amid the preparations for each day. We see Him watching over us as we proceed through our routines and thank Him for the provisions that He gives to us. In the evening we can and do always say ‘it has been a good day’ because the Lord is ever present.