People come and go from campgrounds every day, all traveling from one place to another and there are a few who are living solely in campgrounds with no final destination in mind. The latter are just wandering about searching for new sights and sounds and seeing all that they have wanted to see. They are happy with who they and comfortable with where they are going, aimlessly drifting from place to place.

So many of the people we meet, even in church and Christian volunteer organizations, are also moving aimlessly with no final goal. This is not what Christianity is meant to be, not the purpose that the Lord intended for us. As we become Christians we are called to surrender our lives to His care and direction, to work for His glory and search diligently for His plan for us.

If you have no plan for serving the Lord, if you are drifting through life just observing and not participating with no end goal in mind then you desperately need to seek the counsel of other Christians, pray to the Lord and search your heart. God has a purpose for you, a goal and a journey with a destination. You are too important to the Lord to wander aimlessly.