The lake we are camping at is 5-6 feet below normal due to the drought condition that prevail over the Southeast. This condition in no way diminishes the beauty of the area. In fact, we have been here to enjoy the lake in its fall color splendor, moderate days and cold nights. Now, as another front blows through, we are beginning to see the area without the leaves of autumn.

So, as we watch the color move from the trees to the ground we give thanks to the Lord for His provisions for our bodies, our souls and our spirits. Watching His creation shed one kind of beauty for another, we can’t help but be in awe of the Creator.

To realize that the Creator and Lord of all the universe knows every part of His creation and what is happening every second of every day should put a certain amount of caution into our actions. To know that the Father of all things knows every act we commit is scary enough, but to know that He knows every thought we think is truly sobering.

The Lord knows that we sin in our thoughts and actions every day and He cannot abide sin. That is why He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to defeat the sins of the world and then to rise, sit at the right hand of God and intercede for us.