Last night a weather front blew through with wind gusts of 40 mile per hour and we slept heavily and we slept well, waking this morning to mild temperatures and balmy breezes. Two long walks with our cat along the shore and into the woods punctuated a wonderful morning that started with Linda fixing scrambled eggs, bacon and homemade biscuits. Trust in the Lord in all things and you will have peace in your heart.

We are expecting heavy thunderstorms this afternoon with gusting winds and we are peacefully scrolling through the internet and reading a book. The Lord will care for us, provide for us, lead us and protect us. This is not fantasy, this is fact. There have been too many times when we were lost, when we had no money, when danger was present and we were safe for this to be fiction.

Surrender completely to the Lord and pray about all things great and small. You will find yourself held in His warm embrace. Even though you will still be in the middle of the storm, all your worrying will disappear. Or perhaps the storm will vanish, it is His will that matters. Just trust.