As we begin to prepare for this holiday season we must look back over the past year and ask ourselves if we did all that we could in our prayer life, in our praise and worship life, in our tithes and offerings and in our devotional time. For most of us our answers are always no, we could have done more.

God’s people are never satisfied with what they have done, there are always unmet needs in their church, their family their community, the nation and the world. More can always be done, more can always be given and more time can always be spent serving others and in praise and worship.

The trick is to balance your time and resources to please the Lord the most. The only way to know what is most pleasing to the Lord, what He seeks from you, is to ask. So, before you wear yourself out with planning and worrying, get totally unbalanced and spent your time with God seeking his will. He will show you where to be, where to work and when and how to serve Him. Don’t be surprised if your first question is ‘why me Lord?’. You will be in the storms and yet you will have peace in your heart.