Yesterday we stayed busy enough with two doctor’s appointments, banking issues and a minor emergency at the camper that Linda had problems in the late afternoon so we missed seeing our old small group last night. Tonight we meet with an old friend to eat at Cheddars and catch up on each other’s lives.

Tomorrow we have 2 more appointments, one with our pastor and one with another doctor and Thursday there is another doctor and then we will try to be with our old small group for an outing that evening. This first week here is a busy one and it is already taking its toll on Linda with a few surprises. To see old friends and revisit places with fond memories is something to be treasured, and we do.

Sometimes it feels like we are rushing about and getting nowhere, doing just what needs to be done and not anything that we want for our own enjoyment. When we feel this way we try to remember that we have life in this world and life everlasting in Christ. We recapture the joy and peace by calling on the Lord and casting our cares on Him. Then our joy comes back, our peace resurfaces above the busy-ness of the here and now and we can walk through the storms with a smile and a song in our hearts.