Everyone needs to have a church family where they can feel safe and loved. We all know that the Lord is our Rock and our salvation, that He is our Comforter and our ultimate trip-planner. But, we also need our Christian family. We need them for encouragement, accountability and just plain fellowship. Even if we see them sporadically, we know that they are always there for us to return to and recharge our spirits.

Yesterday’s trip to the church to meet with Pastor Ralph was just what we needed. We saw old church friends and talked some about the goodness of God as He continues to make Himself known in our lives. Linda and I are just so privileged to know these wonderful, Godly people and have them in our lives. Our mission was still found to be relevant and our methodology was still considered to be effective.

Although I am used to being able to set goals and striving to attain them, the Lord’s purpose seems to be better served with a slower pace and less focus on goals and more focus His Word and spreading the message of Jesus slowly and to those who accept us for who we are and the truth is that we were lost sinners. Lost sinners redeemed by the blood of Jesus and filled with an unquenchable need to speak of the way He has healed, led us and brought unspeakable joy into our hearts.