This is the time each year when we celebrate the first coming of our Lord to earth. This is a time of great joy, a time of remembrance and a time of contemplating the awesomeness of our God. Of course, Satan is also at work trying to tarnish this celebration, trying to change the focus from our Lord to material things, from joy to greed and from God to man.

For many satan has succeeded. Witness the excessive spending on gifts. Witness the massive crowds spending to impress others with their largess. Parties abound, alcohol flows and the frenzy continues, many not even aware of the perversion of this holy time all around them.

When we gather, we need to always gather in His Name and always put Him first in all that we do. We also must remember that among the abilities that the Lord gifted us with is laughter and the ability to have fun while doing His work and while at rest. Even using these gifts we must be aware of satan and his ability to twist gentle fun into stabs of pain and hurt.

So, first remember the reason for joy at this time of the year and ignore the attempts of satan to change focus from God to you. Then, go forth in joy and spread the message.