This is, once again, the most joyous time of the year for some. It is when we celebrate with family and friends, coming together in the name of Jesus to celebrate His arrival in our world.

However, while we celebrate there are many who are hurting, alone, lonely, maybe missing loved ones who have passed or are far away. They could be among those celebrating, putting on happy faces to hide their pain or they could be one in the crowd of the homeless or the poor or one of the unchurched. Whatever the reason, they need to not only see our joy, they need to be made aware of the source of our joy.

As you celebrate open your hearts to the hurting, include the needy and the orphans, not just with your money and anonymous gifts, anyone can do that. Give of yourself, share your time and your heart. It can be awkward and uncomfortable at first, but push through those feelings of fear and inadequacy. Just ask anyone who is involved.

The joy of this season will be magnified tenfold, no a hundredfold for you. Any good work that you do will return as blessings.