If you seek the wisdom of the Lord, do not search in halls of learning or the courts of man.  Rather, seek the wisdom of the Lord in the lowly places, in the poorest of areas and the places forgotten by man.  For the Lord does not inhabit the palaces or the cathedrals.

Jesus is always found where He is most needed and His wisdom is given to those who follow Him and fill the needs the least of those among us.  So, look for the needy, the orphans and widows, the lame and the prisoners.  Find those who are ministering to them.

There are many opportunities to help others, many organizations that care.  Look in your area or Google love in action ministries-Dothan or NOMADS or Christian Appalachian Project to name a few.

Pray about your life, decide where you want to be and let the Lord lead you there.  You might find yourself 40 feet off the ground in a cherry picker and afraid of heights or in a kitchen with few cooking skills.  Wherever you go you will be right where God wants you to be, open to His word and His will and ready to learn His wisdom.