When we come to the end of this life what will we see as we look back and say goodbye? Will we be proud of where we went, who we knew and what we did? Were our days spent wisely or did we throw away this gift from God called life? Good questions, but not the most important.

The biggest question that we need to ask is have we been pleasing to God? And we need to ask that question now. Are we pleasing to the Lord? Yes, I know that God loves us, that we exist only through His mercy and that we will continue to live with Him only by His saving grace. And yet, there has to be more. When we realize, really understand, His love and mercy, we know deep in our hearts that we must share this blessing.

When we face the Lord, we need to be able to place before Him the fruits of our lives. Every time we choose to act in love and with mercy, every time we choose to forgive, we create pleasing fruit for the Lord. Every time we react with anger and spite, every time we refuse to forgive, we create bitter fruit for the Lord. What fruit will you bring before the Lord?