Sitting here at Cherry Blossom RV Park in Dothan, Alabama feeling very blessed.  The Lord works is ways that we can’t even begin to understand.  Yesterday while doing laundry we watched this massive fifth wheel drive in.  When we back to our we see this small house complete with a patio in the next site and a member of the staff setting it up with help from the owner.

I thought this was a little odd, the campground helping with the setup.  He was doing the hookups and even unhooking the trailer from the truck (really a semi-tractor).  So, I went to ask and I was then told that the man had recently undergone open heart surgery (triple bypass) and was here to do follow ups at the hospital.  Since he lived a distance from the hospital this is a good place to stay.  Oh, by the way, he will be volunteering at the hospital between appointments.

This RV campground is just south of Dothan and a wonderful place to stay.  When asked, they will be of any assistance possible going the extra mile.  If your travels bring you through this area stop by and use their services.  They are truly wonderful folks.