This January our journey with the Lord takes us to family, old friends and a volunteer opportunity. We started with a walk last night with the cat, Little Man, in the campground. It was a beautiful evening with a crescent moon, people sitting outside and the peace that only comes from the Lord.

I used to think that this calmness and peace came as a part of retirement, that we earned this time by working hard, raising our children and obtaining financial security so we could enjoy or golden years. But, I was wrong. I received this calmness and peace while still employed, while still in the middle of the storm of life.

You see, you too can have peace and calm in your life even in the worst of times. The Lord is always by your side, all you need to do is turn to Him. He is waiting to calm your heart and show you how to open your heart to Him. He will show you how to empty your soul of the worries and care of the world and fill it His joy.

Speak to the Lord, ask for His help and then be still ad listeb for His response. He will never fail you.