You think that, as a Christian, it is necessary that you show yourself as righteous and strong, always happy and always content, perfect as Christ is perfect. No, your testimony is not perfection, not a happy face, not a righteous facade.

The world needs to know that we are flawed, that our faith comes not from within, but from the Lord. The world needs to see who we were before salvation, before we met Jesus. Only then will they see where our joy truly comes from, only then will they come to understand our peace and only then will they realize that they can find peace and joy.

The message of salvation is not told through righteousness even though salvation leads to being righteous. The message of salvation does not come from good deeds even though salvation leads to the doing of good for our fellow man. No, salvation comes from each Christian telling their story about their journey to Christ, each Christian sharing the ugliness of their past and the new found joy of their future with those in need, each Christian telling the trials they have faced with Jesus by their side giving encouragement and peace in the storms of life.