Today we go to Tara’s home to celebrate Christmas. It may seem a bit odd to celebrate this holiday and the exchange of gifts a full two weeks after the holiday. This is the first chance Tara has had to get her whole family together and Linda and I are super happy that we are here to celebrate with them.

Although this past year and the coming year are placing us away from family, we hope to begin spending the winter months in Florida next year. We pray that our travels after that will be less extensive and more oriented around central Florida and northern Alabama.

I remember my parents starting their travels and just disappearing from my family’s life except for the annual visit that came randomly. My parents were wonderful parents when we were maturing but almost disappeared after they retired. So far, I have followed their example and it is time to rethink this position. As our family grows and changes, we feel the need to be closer.

So, Linda and I have given ourselves another full year of witnessing on the go and then our witness will change. We plan on basing in Florida in the winter and we will figure out the rest as we go.