Linda and I spent yesterday with Tara and family and had a fabulous late Christmas with all present. We opened gifts, talked and played. Oh, how Linda and I miss family when we are not around them and because of this we are rearranging our priorities after next year. Both Tara’s and Lori’s family are real treasured parts of our lives and we intend to spend more time with them sharing their milestones and being there to help them through their valleys.

We will be with some of Tara’s crew on Wednesday when we will
be going into Disney together and will leave Orlando on Sunday to see Pine Island, the area (including Sanibel Island) and a dear friend of Linda. After that we will roam through Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont before coming back to Dothan in December. There will be several volunteer opportunities along the but mostly we will be sightseeing and visiting my old stomping grounds.

We have relatives and friends all along the way and would like to see them. Many we have no addresses or phone numbers for. Message me on Facebook and we can at least see each other briefly if we pass by closely enough.