Yesterday we went to Disney with family and a wonderful time was had by all. The Magic Kingdom and Epcot are indeed magical when seen through the eyes of a five-year-old and no matter how many times she goes, the wonder persists. Even with the burdens we carried there was laughter and genuine love in our midst. Some in physical pain, some in emotional distress and some with real fiscal concerns, we all persevered and enjoyed the day.

Is this not how we are to approach the Lord? Full of joy and wonder no matter how many times we come before Him. Most importantly, we are to approach with joy and wonder in the circumstances of our lives, whether in good times or bad times, with the full expectation of finding His Love.

We are to pray to Him with the expectation that He will answer, that His solution to your problems will appear before you, in His time. So, this morning we come before the Lord, praying for His love and mercy to abound in our family. We pray for solutions to the unsolvable, for miracles to descend on us and for His grace to heal, and provide. Not only for us and our family but also for others who are in need.