The day before yesterday we packed up, spent 4 hours on the road and then set up for the stay here. And then, instead of taking a day of rest, we spent yesterday with a friend of Linda’s from 32 years ago. We thought that we would be paying for the lack of a day of rest. Not true.

There was wonderful conversation, great remembrances from long ago, and tales from our travels to start the laughter. Perhaps one of the best gift that we have received from the Lord is the joy we find in all that we do now and even better is the joy we find in sharing our journey with others.

The Lord has blessed us with the assets to do what we do and He has blessed us with old friends with whom to share this life we live. And, even better, He has already provided friends we haven’t met yet who will encourage us and give us new memories to share and new proofs of the awesomeness of the Lord.

So, we look forward with glad hearts to all the new memories and the opportunity to share them with all our ‘old’ and new friends. We will ride this ride until we are called home. Yeehaw!!