Once again, we pack up, unhook and prepare to move to another location. This time we move to a campground we have used before. This time we will be in familiar territory. However, returning to a campground seldom means seeing the same people.

Our lives are not like other people’s lives for we have been blessed with the desire and ability to travel. There are, however, challenges in our lives that make all our days interesting, challenges that friends know a little about. This morning some of those issues raised their ugly heads and we have been swatting them like a game of ‘whack-a-mole’. Fortunately, it is a game at which we have become proficient.

Over this past year, the Lord has blessed us with His wisdom to see our infirmities as He sees them, our trials as He sees them and our blessings as He sees them. All that happens in this realm is not caused by our Father but all that happens in this realm is allowed by the Father. We are to accept our circumstances even as we strive to improve them. We are to thank the Lord joyfully for all that we have and pray for His mercy and love to shower over the earth.