We just spent the last 3 days visiting an old CAP friend and her husband. The time was spent relaxing in their home renewing our friendship with her and learning just how precious her husband is. The wonder of our lives on this earth is not in the world and its attractions and enticements but in the friendships formed when we gather with the Lord.

This may be a lesson learned over time, through the disappointments of misplaced trust and poorly directed attempts at pleasure. Now, as we watch the world and see the temptations provided for what they are, we turn to friends and family, old and new, who understand the place the Lord needs to be, in their hearts and in their lives. These are the people we cherish, these are the people we seek as we travel and these are the people we want to reconnect with from our past.

This weekend was a time of rejuvenation and next week we begin a new time of service. We have always put the Lord first in our lives and first in our planning, sometimes with success and sometimes with not so much success. The effort is always there and we will see, over the next three weeks, if we heard the Lord or if we were just hearing our own desires.