Every day we spend time looking at hate-speech. We seek it out on Facebook, we watch it on the network ‘news’ and we see it on the ‘news’ channels. We fill our heads with facts that support one side or the other of every action taken in name of justice and every opinion voiced. We do all of this in a toxic atmosphere of twisted facts, disjointed arguments while listening to biased people stating fictions as truth with all the weight of their worldview behind them.

There is no reasoned discourse about politics, religion, women’s rights, race, gender identity or any of the myriad other causes today. When did we lose our reasonableness? When did we become this nation of polar opposites? Are we all so set in our own rightness that we can no longer even tolerate opposing opinions?

This nation is divided and it started well before there was a Barack Obama or a Donald Trump. There have always been minorities trying to pull this nation apart, trying to divide our country into faction so they can feel powerful. Well, what we see now is two equally strong factions going after each other with no chance of compromise. Time to pray.