We have family and friends whose ideas of how to help others are radically different from ours, but we all agree that the need is there.  More government control or more individual freedom, the goal is the same.  There are those in society who have no voice, who need our help to survive and we get distracted by the methods to be used.

Each of us has a method we want to use, a method that we think works best.  Well, go ahead and do what you think is best.  Do not judge others who help in different ways and locations.  They are following their heart, their conscience and doing what they believe is right.  Too often, we waste our time, energy and resources either belittling the efforts of others or trying to thwart their efforts.

There is no benefit derived from stopping others from following their conscience.  No good comes from shouting your views into deaf ears, only useless confrontation.  A raised fist, destroyed property, physical detainment all are the methods of despots.  When emotions overrule common sense, we arrive where we are today.  Both sides spouting nonsense, shouting ridicule and citing statistics that cannot be trusted.

Remember people, we are all patriots, Americans and capable of being better than we are right now.  Let’s get back to helping each other.