We arrived safely at Faith UMC, hooked the trailer up and went out to eat with some fellow NOMADS. This is shaping up to be an interesting group of volunteers and we are really looking forward to beginning this project on Monday. This morning I am going to church with Mike and Ruthie, our leaders for this project, at Fort Caroline UMC where the actual work will be done. Linda is being adversely affected by the weather and will stay at the camper.

What a privilege it is to be able to serve others with such loving, like-minded people. If only there were more who could serve, more who’s hearts could be touched, more who could step out in faith. There are so many needs, so many places to serve. Your beliefs are of little importance to the world, your faith alone makes no difference to your neighbors in need.

Only when you act upon your faith and go forth to help, do others truly see your faith. Even unspoken, your faith will shine like a beacon asking to be followed. So, step out into service with your faith as your guide, look for opportunities that fit your skillset. After all, God did not prepare you to do nothing.