Three-week volunteer trip concluded, new friends made and now to rest. We are in Carrabelle, Florida enjoying the liquid sunshine today waiting for the weather to break tomorrow. This day is much needed just as it is… and it is just as God intended.

The Lord made plans for those who will follow Him before they were born. Yes, even though we have free will, He sees the past, the present and the future and knows what our response to His call will be because He has already seen it. We struggle to understand His will, we try to follow Him and fail; but, we keep on trying. The Lord sees our struggles and understands and loves our efforts.

We are rewarded by periods of rest, by times of renewal, by being given time to be closer to our Lord. This is such a time for Linda and me. As we renew our bodies and spirits, we give thanks and we pray that those we know who can give time to the Lord by helping others will step forward.

Research your options and take the plunge. God’s people have many needs and He has chosen to use us to help the needy and spread the Good News throughout the world.