For the last 2 nights, my spirit has been restless and I have come to the morning with a heaviness of heart and tiredness of body. Yesterday and this morning the mere presence of my wife Linda has lifted my heart and soothed my soul. Is it any wonder that I feel exceptionally blessed of the Lord for her presence in my life?

You see, after the loss of my wife of 38 years, Billie Jean, I spent 2 years seeking the will of the Lord, asking why and wondering what was God’s purpose for my life. Then I met, fell in love with and married Linda. Still God’s purpose was shrouded in mystery as we sought for several years to follow His will together.

He first led us to the Christian Appalachian Project where we worked and learned more about community, spirituality and service. Then, a year ago, He moved us to the NOMADS group where our skills can be used for His glory both on projects and in the fertile fields of campgrounds between projects.

Even in the hardest moments of life, God is there. Through the skills of others, the compassion of friends, family and even strangers He will comfort and heal you. Give Jesus a chance, let Him into your heart and experience His love for yourself. Linda and I did… look at us now.