Weather fronts are no longer my friends. Even though I still enjoy the phenomena that come with them, thunderstorms and soaking rains and temperature changes, they now bring pain with them. Arthritis, bursitis and other ‘itis’ ailments seem to be my penance for a life lived very physically in my youth.

I often ask myself if I would have lived differently had I known the results would be what they are. Probably not, is my response. For, you see, my worth as a human being was determined by my ability to work hard, play hard and win, at any cost, the challenge set before me.

So many others, young and old, are stuck in this mentality of winning at any cost. Push ahead through the pain, be number one no matter what. The need for more, the need to win overcomes common sense and we forget that there will be a price paid later.

Now, as I sit in our camper, I reflect on my life and realize that so much of my pain, through the years, could have been avoided. If only I had said yes to the call of the Lord and thrown all my worries and aggression on Him. If only I had seen that His Hand was reaching out to me in love and not in condemnation.