Today the sun came out and we went out to Apalachicola to look at the shops and eat lunch and then on to St George Island to look at the campground. The day was relaxing, peaceful and a time to see new sights together. A day to be together in quiet times and grow closer to each other.

Every day that we can see an atmosphere of peace and tranquility is a day that allows us to grow closer to the Lord. Even though our spiritual growth seems to spurt in times of trouble, it is during the times of calm that we can search our hearts and sort through the feelings that were stirred.

So, work for the Lord, take on the evil in this world and call on God to strengthen your faith. Work your faith and hone the tools that you are provided. But, when you are given the gift of rest, take advantage, regroup, reorganize your priorities and get ready to go back into the fray.

In 16 days, we will be in the process of preparing for a new 3-week project. This time, now, is the time when we prepare and if we listen to the Lord during this time, if we sharpen our faith, we will be ready.