Go to bed every night praising the Lord for the day that just happened. When the day was really good, like yesterday for us, this is an easy thing to do. The words just seem to flow, the praises and thanks come directly from our hearts to our God and prayer is more like a conversation between two old friends.

But, when the day is filled with pain and it seems like the sun will never shine again, then the words of praise and thanksgiving come slowly and without conviction. But, in worship and with thanksgiving in your heart is the only way to approach the throne. It is in times of trouble that prayer is most important and it is in times of trouble that the proper attitude in prayer is the most difficult.

Too often, we start our prayers with ‘why?’. Since we can never know the mind of God ‘why’ is unanswerable. Of course, as humans we question and the Lord understands this without our voicing the question. We need to accept His will, the path He has chosen for us, and worship Him in words and deeds. We need to voice this acceptance in our prayers and worship and give thanks for every good thing and every opportunity for spiritual growth that He sends our way.