Walking in the misty morning air with our cat and listening to muffled sounds as life begins to stir here in the Florida panhandle, I am awed by God’s creation and humbled by His majesty and power. The dew lies heavy on the grass bringing needed water to nourish and sustain life and the mosquitoes look for food wherever they can find it, often losing their lives in the effort.

This world is so connected, each piece doing its part so that the whole lives and thrives, just as God intended. And, just as God intended, mankind has dominion over all living things. We are the keepers of this world and our stewardship has been spotty. Often, we have been remiss in caring for our home and caused grievous harm for although we have been put in charge, we are still fallible humans.

All too often as we strive for perfection we forget that humanity was created with free choice. We can choose to be good stewards or choose to rape the earth. No amount of legislation is going to change human nature, all we can do make sensible laws and enforce them. The key to this process is the word sensible. Let’s not put the concerns for the environment over the needs of humanity and likewise let’s be good keepers of this fragile planet on which we live. In all things, the Lord gave us a narrow and difficult path.