Another new day from the Lord in which to praise Him and glorify Him through our words and deeds. Another morning walk in a new place of beauty along a peaceful river lined with trees dripping with Spanish moss and replete with birds and small animals.

The night before last, Linda was in pain all night in her hips and legs and managed only about an hour of sleep. Then we got up and traveled for just about three hours to our next stop. Linda slept for part of drive and for most of the next sixteen hours. The pain is better now and she will be able to enjoy this day that the Lord has made.

Such is life for us, extraordinary days of pure blessings when the glory of God shines and days of pain and suffering when God’s equally extraordinary mercy shines like a beacon showing us His love. Well, by the us I mean Linda mostly. I am just a bystander during her bad days trying to help as I am able. I am her driver, taking her to new sites of beauty and to places she has never been. I am her set up man, seeking volunteer opportunities where she can shine. But, most of all, I am the lucky man that has the privilege of living with her and I thank the Lord every day, good and bad, for her presence in my life.