After fighting for four weeks with a slightly elevated blood sugar count (140 to 160, minor problem but pesky since the doctor wants it close to 120), I wake up to a level of 93. We are now trying to figure out how this happened so we can repeat success and eliminate failure.

Was it the 3 walks with a trip to the store? Was it the food I ate yesterday? Or perhaps a combination of the two. At any rate, I am in much better shape than most my age and frustration with this small health problem will resolve itself as we adjust.

We need to pay as much attention to our spiritual health as we do to our physical health. Just as we regularly visit our physician and listen closely to his advice, we need to be intentional in our faith. Attending church services regularly, spending time with fellow Christians, setting aside time to read God’s Word are important aspects of maintaining a healthy faith. But, above all, a close relationship with Jesus Christ will always insure that your spiritual health will remain strong and vibrant.

Pray unceasingly, look to be His hands and feet and you will have the peace that comes from God.