We only left our last project two weeks ago, and yet we are looking forward to our next project already. Our team leaders are keeping us informed, teasing us with the work that we need to do. This time we are volunteering at a camp and there is a nice list of projects for us as well as an idyllic setting to work in. Two more stops, a little more sightseeing, some minor preparation and we will be there. Can’t wait.

Evidently, the lure of serving others can be addictive, especially when done in the company of happy, loving people. Those who have never experienced the pure joy of giving until exhaustion sets in, need to. The feelings that well up to the surface come from the Lord and cannot be duplicated by the world.

Now, remember the best moment in your life. A moment that you created or was created for you by others. Now, savor that moment in your mind and imagine that feeling doubling or tripling in size. You now have only a poor image of the joy that the Lord will provide to you as you turn your life over to Him and start to serve others, becoming the hands and feet of Jesus.