Yesterday we went to find a couple that Linda had not seen for at least 18 years, a couple that she rented from and became friends with. We found them in the same place and they were doing the same thing only a little slower since they are now in their eighties. Good memories were shared and we moved on again.

As we move through life we meet people, become close and then we move on. This is the life that Linda and I have lived, first with others then with each other. We chose this life separately and then decided to continue together. There are many who live their lives in one location, remaining close to friends and family for their lifetime. They have a deep and lasting impact in a local area. Theirs is the satisfaction of being there through good times and bad to help, console and enjoy the lives of close friends and family.

Linda and I have chosen spend our lives moving about, seeing needs and helping, making friends and then moving on depending on each other and the Lord to give us love and satisfaction. Neither way is right or wrong and we all sometimes second guess our decisions. However, if we have taken our path knowing the Lord is guiding our steps then the doubt quickly fades into certainty. Follow Jesus whether in one place or traveling.